Equipment Links

Equipment Links

The below links are just representative of what to buy, if you have questions on an item from another vendor, PLEASE DON’T HESITATE TO ASK!

NHFOA Store for sublimated shirts:

Long Sleeve

Short Sleeve

NHFOA Apparel store for general items / polo shirts:


There are MANY sources for official's equipment, here are some examples:

Uniform starter pack:

Accessories starter pack: (has all non-clothing items except a watch)

Equipment needed:

● 2" Striped short sleeve shirt (long sleeve and 1" options optional):

● Black shorts:

● Black pants WITH WHITE STRIPE(may not need year 1, depends UPON the weather):

● Hat:

● Shoes (mostly black, some white is fine, some guys wear turf shoes, some wear cleats):

● Black ankle socks:

● Black calf length socks:

● Flag (2 preferred, 1 minimum):

● Bean Bag x2:

● Lanyard:

● Whistle (fox 40 preferred):

● Down Indicator:

● Card:

● Pencil:

● Black Watch w/ timer and stopwatch:



● Black undershirt: